- Name: Da Nang Centre  for Steam Detoxification and Rehabilitation
- Location: Thanh Khe Ward, Thanh Khe District, Da Nang city
- Director: Mr Tra Thanh Lanh

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1. The overview of the Center

a. The name: Danang Center supporting for Agent Orange victims.

b. The foundation day: May 22nd 2006, under the permission of Danang People’s Committee by Decision No. 3184/QĐ-UB.

Representative: Mr. Tô Năm   – Director of the Center.

The number of account: 42111100767717.

The name of account: Trung tâm Bảo trợ nạn nhân chất độc da cam và trẻ em bất hạnh thành phố Đà Nẵng (Danang Center supporting for agent orange victims).

At MHB – Mekong Housing Bank – Danang Branch.

c. Type:

The center caring, nurturing, vocational training and rehabilitation for victims of Agent Orange and misfortune children in boarding form.

d. The managing agency:

The Center is directly under Danang Association of Victims of Agent orange (VAVA Danang), management and direction of the President of VAVA Danang. The Center has legal personality, own seal and account prescribed by the government.

e. Functions and operational purposes:

Increasing the efficiency of programs and projects cooperating with international organizations, internal and external individuals and groups in order to launch the caring, nourishing, training, teaching, rehabilitation affairs for children who are supported in the Center prescribed by the government.

The Center’s operation is doing social works for charitable purposes.

Activities at the Center:

- Caring, nourishing victims of Agent Orange and misfortune children in boarding form.

- Rehabilitation and physiotherapist in many diffrent manners.

- Teaching and vocational training: embroidering, sewing, making incense, beading, making chiffon flower, electromechanical, electronic...

- Organizing recreational activities, entertainment, singing, dancing for children to help them decrease stress and depression, get more confidence and recovery.

Center 3 in Hoa Vang district

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