To individuals and organizations in and outside the city

On 06 August 2004, the Office of the Central Committee of the Vietnamese Communist Party issued Official Document No. 5770CV/ VPTU informing that the Secretariat of the Vietnamese Communist Party’s Central Committee agreed to the proposal of the Vietnam Red Cross for choosing 10 August as “Day for Vietnam Agent Orange/Dioxin Victims”. This expressed the deep concern of the Vietnamese Communist Party and promoted the elevated tradition of the Vietnamese people “Whole leaves wrap torn leaves”, ready to help, share, encourage, comfort and assist AO/dioxin victims to reduce their difficulties and make progress in life.

According to initial survey results, Danang has more than 6,000 AO/dioxin victims including over 1,000 AO/dioxin-affected children. The Vietnamese Communist Party, authorities, political and social organizations, many cadres and people in and outside the city have enthusiastically assisted and helped AO/dioxin victims in recent years. Due to their lifelong diseases, however, AO/dioxin victims and their relatives meet many difficulties in life and always need the assistance, comfort and sharing of the community.

On the “Day for Vietnam Agent Orange/Dioxin Victims”, I would like to call for organizations and workers, members of the armed forces, international organizations and expatriates who are living and working in Danang to take specific actions directly or through the Danang Association of Victims of Agent Orange/Dioxin to encourage, comfort and have spiritual and material sharing with AO/dioxin. We believe that with timely encouragement, and the compassion of the whole of our society, AO/dioxin victims and their relatives will have warm feelings, be more optimistic and have a belief in life, increase their energy to overcome sadness and diseases and integrate into a better life of our city.

With deep respect for all the assistance of all organizations and individuals for AO/dioxin victims in the city up to now, we hope that “Day for Vietnam Agent Orange/Dioxin Victims” this year will continue to receive your enthusiastic and kind-heart assistance and help.

Thank you very much!

Hoang Tuan Anh