EU, US plan up to $1bn in aid to Vietnam

The European Union (EU) and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) have announced a plan of up to $1 billion in development aid for Vietnam to improve state governance, healthcare, social welfare, and agent orange/dioxin treatment between 2014 and 2020, the two organizations said last week.

Activities on Middle August Festival 2011

On occasion of The Middle August 2011, DAVA had received the consideration of many conpanies, organizations and individuals which gave presents for agent orange children victims in Danang city. These activities helped the children having fun like normal children and encouraging them to join in society.

The Volunteers Woman Organization gave presents for children at centre 1.

* On 21-08-2011, Japanese love Vietnam Association visited and gave scholarships for 6 AO students in Da Nang who overcome difficulty in study, to encourage them to continue the study. Each scholarship values 1,8 – 2,3 millions VND. Japanese love Vietnam Association also vistied and gave presents for AO children at centre 3. On 2010, they examined eyes free for 200 students in DaNang.

* In occasions of 50 years Agent orange disaster in Vietnam (10-8-1961; 10-8-2011), on 10-8-2011, DAVA combined with The Middle Airports Corporation, The Mine and Environment processing of Military region 5 to bring up amount of 18,9 millions VND for 21 children of Agent orange victims, equivalent 150,000/child/month.