The ”wollen blanket” of solidarity with the Vietnamese victims of Agent Orange / dioxin

On the occasion of the World Wide Knit in Public Day (1) Saturday, June 8, 2013, it seems shouldering to announce that the Association AD@LY at Montpellier has initiated a project of solidarity among knitters of Montpellier (France) and Dalat (Vietnam) in order to mobilize supportive hands for celebrating the marriage of the thread and needles.

So it is said! All and all in position to view the work performed as a wide wollen blanket of 300 sqm!

Indeed, to impact Women in the context of sustainable and team spirit development in the context of globalization, the World Wide Knit in public Day was launched in 2005 by Ms Danielle Landes.

In 2006 AD@LY has taken the initiative to relaying Montpellier and initiated the operation of the blanket of solidarity with “la Maison des retraitées de Montpellier” at that time with the participation of Mr.Joseph Richardson, Veteran, Vietnam War handicapped person. The, Knitters with disabilities in Dalat (HUU HOA-Vietnam) composed the other half. The two pieces have been linked during the International Day of Francophonie held in Dalat in March 2010, then the exhibition went on during the International Symposium commemorating the 50th anniversary of the spraying of dioxin in Vietnam (1961-2011) organized by the Association for Victims of Agent Orange dioxin (VAVA) in Hainoi (9-11 August 2011).

The blanket measures more than 300 sqm. The core portion was exhibited at Dalat last March 3, 2013 at the Pasteur Institute. The remaining is cut up into 40 blankets for double bed. See photo.

Mr. Raymond Aubrac particularly has supported this humanitarian action. Dr. Anna Richardson Owhadi, President of Ad@IY wishes to be successful in the transaction of the blanket to honor his memory.

In fact, regularly the newspapers from Montpellier and Dalat have yielded echoes to this event. We were also very sensitive to this kind of support to the Vietnamese victims of Agent Orange/dioxin (2). This blanket will go on sale end of 2013 in Dalat during the festivities of the 120th anniversary of the discovery of Dalat by Dr. Alexandre Yersin.

It seems thrilling to invite You All to support this work of solidarity and to request your sponsoring for this weaving project linking France and Vietnam, among knitters during Saturday, June 8, 2013, with all needles of World Knitting Day 2013 nto action!


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